Mandala Space Dreams

Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams
Mandala Space Dreams

Mandala Space Dreams


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Mandala Space Dreams
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This is not just a puzzle — it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult. 

Space is vast and full of unknown secrets. And each of us is full of hopes and bold dreams that deserve to be fulfilled.

The Space Dreams Mandala from Unidragon is dedicated to mystical powers, daring discoveries, and faith in the unlimited possibilities of man. After all, if we were able to go beyond the boundaries of our own planet, we are capable of anything.

Whatever you dream about, the Mandala of the Space Dreams will give you confidence that everything will work out, it will become your talisman and a reminder that even the most daring desires will come true — sooner or later.

Its mesmerizing illustration with smooth deep gradients looks like a magical portal to other dimensions. We made the cut as abstract as possible. And although there are familiar planets and comets here, you will have to carefully navigate your route along the cosmic roads.

The pieces of this puzzle repeat some elements of the illustration, like constellations in the night sky. And the central part is a large mini-puzzle, symbolizing the goal you are striving for. It can be assembled separately.

Touch the pieces - they are voluminous and shimmer like small galaxies, thanks to the unique proprietary Unitouch printing technology. Assembling this puzzle will be as exciting as traveling to unknown worlds.

The updated gift packaging has become even more stylish, with black edging and lacquer details on the lid that resemble the bright light of planets and distant stars. The box can stand on its edge so that it will look great on the shelf.

Give this puzzle to a passionate space lover or someone ready to follow their dreams, despite all the obstacles. Or reward your inner dreamer for being brave and believing in the impossible.


Un jeu passionnant convient aux écoliers et aux adultes.

Size M - 25×25 cm (A4) - 200 pcs - middle complexity, age 14+, puzzling time 2-4 hours.

King Size - 33×33 cm (A3) - 350 pcs - high complexity, age 14+, puzzling time 4-6 hours.

Royal Size - 45×45 cm (A2) - 700 pcs - very high complexity, age 14+, puzzling time 6-8 hours.

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Planets and galaxiesa fascinating illustration with images that are familiar to everyone who has at least once looked at the night sky
Unitouch technology:3D printing and varnish coating - stars and distant worlds come to life at your fingertips
The amazing galactic mini-puzzle in the center of the composition can be assembled separately
Complex but fascinating assembly: abstract carving with shaped details
Wear-resistant and durable HDF material
An eye-catching box with lacquer elements that can be placed on its edge

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