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Scam and Fakes
of Our Puzzles

Our product and service quality is premium. It's been distributed to our customers over the years with no fuss, and one of the indicators of our success is that imitators and scammers have come in sight and are trying to copy the product. It rather flatters us but upsets customers

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Why are scammers harmful?

Even though an old saying goes, “Money does not smell,” none wants to lose money and gain negative experience. Legitimate e-commerce strives to get loyal clients by providing them with quality services and goods. However, scammers harm both businesses and customers by stealing information and tricking clients.

In many cases, scammers create new sites and use images of goods from legitimate ones. Their aim is not to sell goods but simply steal money from your pocket. When buying online, a client transfers money and never receives the ordered goods. Then, they search for the images and description, find the source site of a legitimate e-business and leave a negative comment. Support or manager will definitely contact the client to get more details like tracking number or confirmation email/number, but that will only become proof of purchasing from a scammer. Unfortunately, both innocent sides suffer because of scammers as both of them lose trust, reputation, and money.

Money spent; goods undelivered

  • Real goods on fake sites

    The goods and descriptions from legitimate sites are stolen to make the fake one look real

  • Discounts and special offers

    Various discounts and special offers are used to stimulate purchases of vulnerable clients

  • Scammed clients & stolen money

    Scammers trick clients by getting their money, leaving them with unfulfilled expectations

Cheated Buyers


I have ordered from you before but recently saw your puzzle special for half price. When I ordered and paid I’m afraid it is a scam. I cannot get ant answers from them about my order. The company was supposed to be Trilium. Do you have any suggestions.

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"Hello. I thought you should know that there is a company using your images https://www.creativecraft.shop/products?handler=wooden-jigsaw&fbclid=IwAR0h5JM1txERYTtuX6lknK6SHj1Fc9PecV-nKW4SbTTgVrAzW6CatTFJ6Hk

It popped up while I was playing a game and a few minutes later your site popped up. Theirs caught my eye because of the beauty and reasonableness of the prices. Luckily I kept the information for your site too. Your reviews are excellent. However the other site is probably a Chinese scam.

I hate seeing people and businesses being robbed and in this instance I think you are.

Good luck with your beautiful puzzles !"

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I’m attaching you event the receipt from PayPal, but I'm thinking that was a scam, because when I track the package, the website is down.

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"Hi there, I followed a link on Facebook back on December 2 to order puzzles that I thought would make nice gifts for friends. I used paypal and received the following receipt. The puzzles have not arrived. I’m just confirming that I will still be receiving the puzzles or if there is a way to cancel the order. Thank you
Angela Dragt"

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"Hello. I love your puzzles. I recently purchased two new ones from www.creativecraft.shop (instead of Amazon) believing they were Unidragon puzzles because the images were identical. What we received were cheap knockoffs that were no where near the same quality. I thought you should know as I suspect they are stealing your designs. I will be attempting to return these puzzles, and if successful I hope to order the correct ones from you.

Kind regards from Canada, and thanks for the beautiful puzzles,

Sarah Gregory"

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"Dear Sir,

I hope this email find you well.

May I check if Joyily-US is one of your distributors? I placed an order to purchase 2 wooden jigsaw ( 1 fish , 1 fox) on 17 Aug 2020 for delivery to a UK address ( payment of US$ 65.52)

I didn’t received any email to confirm this order nor do any email regarding shipping details or date. I have sent 4 emails to the person in charge ( see below) but never heard back. I suspect that Joyily- US is a fake Facebook webpage to sell your products which will lead to collateral damage to your reputation. There are so many weblink on Facebook now selling your jigsaw but they all under different sponsors with similar websites design. Are they ( or some of them) scam ? Would be great if you can help to clarify my doubt?

I purchased these jigsaw as birthdays presents to my family and intend to come for repeat order if they are good quality but now am really freaking out and frustrated by this poor shopping experience.

Joyily-US claimed to be an US based eCom company but my payment was settled with the following Chinese company which looks strange...

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"Good afternoon,

I found your product being sold by J-Jay-S-Shop.com (creative craft) however it's been a few weeks now and I've not had the product. I didnt know of you're websight to start with and wasnt aware that this was actually your product to start with either (obviously if I had known I would of come to you first). I was just wondering if you are affiliated with that website?

Kind regards

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Be vigilant: buy products from original manufacturers' websites

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Imitators sell their products for less, but chances are you'll only get disappointment

Reputation is not important to imitators, it is only important to sell the product «one time». They are maximally focused on profit and for this they reduce the cost of production, and, accordingly, its quality

Imitators don't have their own production

We have our own production with a quality control system

Lack of quality control on copies results in

  1. You may not be given
    all the parts!


    Missing pieces to puzzle and had duplicate pieces.

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  2. Parts may be smaller
    than stated


    Puzzle is only 3x2 inches big! Is not large in size like pictures portray! Not worth the price of a happy meal toy, let alone $25!!!

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  3. Poor paint, surface and print create color distortion


    I don’t usually reviews, but found this puzzle to be so disappointing. Besides brown on the white pieces, which has been referend to as burn marks by previous reviewers, the black paint comes off on the tips of your fingers as you handle the puzzle. I put it back in the box when I realized the black was coming off on my sleeve as I reached over the pieces. Next time I will pay the extra money for a good wooden puzzle.

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  4. Parts can be very delicate
    and fragile


    Pieces were broken and when you picked up a plece it would break in your hand!!!

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  5. You can get a puzzle even without a picture for a sample assembly - a «real» puzzle!


    Absolute garbage! The puzzle pieces came in a plastic bag with no picture. Once you connect the pieces together they don't stay together and keep moving, | can't believe that this puzzle passed the quality control and made it in the market!!!

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If you don't see any reviews on a product like this one, you will most likely be the first to write about their disappointment.
Because these copycat sellers often create new accounts so that buyers do not see negative reviews.

Imitators reduce the cost of not only products, but also packaging

Analogs are supplied in a package

Due to lack of packaging and poor quality parts, counterfeits are often damaged during transportation

Our puzzles come in a wooden box

Guaranteed exchange of goods in case of damage. A wooden box and quality delivery services will ensure the integrity and appearance

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We'd like to let you know that established customer service is available

So if you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to let us know as we will always find a solution

The $ 10 saved isn't worth your disappointment;
Quality product is guaranteed!

Buy original Unidragon jigsaw puzzles on our website and get only positive emotions!

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